The Difference Between Upcycling And Recycling

The Difference Between Upcycling And Recycling

Here at 2nd Ground we strive to be as green and sustainable as possible, and we want to make educating as easy and informational as possible!

What is Up cycling?

Up cycling is using unused resources to make something better, something with a higher level of purpose. For example, Gatorade once used plastic bottles to create high quality jerseys for climate change. As Well as using old tissues to make clothes for kids. Or a small label from Brest, called YO Yarn Over, using threads made of used cotton shirts to knit new objects with them.

It's all about creating quality from unused resources, to give them a longer lifespan while reducing waste on earth.

How is upcycling different from recycling

Recycling is a key component of solid waste management and is one of the three "Rs" of reduce, reuse and recycle. The other two are reduce, which is to minimize the amount of resources used, and reuse, which refers to using something again.

The word recycling can also be referred to as waste reclamation, which is the process of converting waste materials into usable products.

Up cycling is when you take something that would be trash, and turn it into something useful or beautiful.

The process of up cycling takes a by-product, waste material, useless or unwanted product and transforms it into a new material or product with greater quality—such as environmental value or artistic value.

What problem is up cycling designed to solve 

The problems that up cycling solves are very impactful to the environment and society. One of them is reducing trash that goes into the landfill, even though we're so used to mass manufacturing.

Up cycling also helps support social and economical situations from celebrating arts, supporting local and rural industries, and reducing manufacturing costs.

There are also personal benefits to up cycling include doing your part for mother nature, honing crafting skills, and creating one a kind products as we do with our eco-friendly soap made from up cycled coffee grounds.

Why is Up cycling Important 

The impact that up cycling has on the environment is massive, from lowering waste and adding utility it's the best strategy to expanding the usefulness of what we have. It reduces the need to use new or raw materials which will increase pollution and gas emissions which is bad for our environment.


Benefits of Up cycling

  • Saving materials from landfill
  • Reducing what goes into landfill
  • Minimal use of natural resources
  • Celebrating craftsmanship
  • Supports local and rural industry
  • Reduce manufacturing costs
  • Doing you part for the environment in the best ways possible
  • Building those repair skills

What does up cycling do for the environment

  • Reduces air pollution
  • Reduces water pollution
  • Reduces land pollution
  • Minimize landfill amounts of waste

What does up cycling do for society

  • It performs its fundamental process of circular economy 
  • Inspires innovation with the process of up cycling, helping educate the world of its benefits.
  • Allows designers to offer high quality products to consumers in a sustainable way
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