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Why recycled coffee?


      After reading about all the benefits coffee has to offer for your skin and hair, you're probably wondering why we would choose to use recycled (post brew) grounds. 

  • Environmental impact: Yes, coffee grounds can be used as fertilizer, however that's not what happens when thousands of coffee shops put them in the trash every day. The grounds are thrown out in plastic bags, with other trash such as cups, lids, etc. These bags get sealed, picked up, and brought to a dump. The grounds then spend the rest of their life trapped in plastic, worthless. We save the grounds from being simply thrown into nothingness by giving them a second life, in your shower, sink, or candles.
  • Caffeine: Not all the caffeine is removed by the brewing process: Research shows that on average, approximately 75% of the caffeine is removed by brewing. The skin and hair still receive the benefits of the caffeine because although 25% remain, it is a slower absorption rate through the skin, as well as repeated contact (with our bars, you will end up scrubbing with the same grounds throughout the life of the bar).
  • Course Texture: Coffee grounds will always retain their coarse texture even after brewing. We utilize espresso for our soaps because, believe it or not, the only difference between espresso and coffee is the brewing process, not the beans. Espresso is a finer ground than coffee, making it gentler on the skin. For those of you that have used coffee skin products before, you might have found the coffee grounds to be too coarse and hurtful; this doesn't happen when using the finer espresso grounds. You get a gentle exfoliating from the espresso grounds in our soaps. We recycle the coffee grounds into our candles and scrubs as there is a bigger benefit to the sharper grounds. The coffee grounds scrub the mason jars clean and have a greater exfoliating effect in our scrubs.
  • Brown water. When bathing products are made with fresh coffee, there is a brown water effect that happens during use. This can lead to staining of tubs and sinks, as well as a brown tint to the water you are using. By using recycled grounds, the brown has already been removed by the brewing process, leading to a cleaner bathing experience.