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Giving Back

Here at 2nd Ground we know it's never to early to start giving back to our community. Although we have just opened for business, we are already setting aside a portion of our proceeds to donate to worthy charities with our same vision.

Our vision is to create a new way to look at recycling. Instead of just putting an item in the correct bin for it to become the same product again, we feel there are a lot of products that can be given a second life in a brand new way. We are starting simply with used coffee grounds. This is just the first step. As we grow, we hope to expand into other recycling areas that can be utilized. There is so much waste in the world today, and there needs to be a quick spark in our global community in order to reverse this trend. Ideally, we believe that there shouldn't be any trash, at all. The idea of using something once, then burying it in the ground is atrocious.

It's a very simple formula: use something twice, and you cut down on waste by 50%. Even if this means using your plastic cup to get a refill at your local coffee shop, it's a step in the right direction. Ideally, everyone would bring their own cup, always. The millions of cups of coffee that are thrown away every day could be avoided, reducing the amount of fossil fuels used to create plastic cups, as well as the trees required to make paper cups. We won't even mention the amount of fuel and plastic used to package, transport, and deliver these products.


With that said, we want to partner with charities with the same vision. The charities chosen will be active in recycling programs, reducing fossil fuel usage, and/or education of our youth as well as the general public. If you know of any charity worth partnering with, please fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you shortly. Ideally we want to start with charities that are centered in Brooklyn, New York, as this is our community and we want to grow with it. Also with such a large population concentration it will allow us to help educate and inform and help the most amount of people in the shortest amount of time.

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